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Dustless technology makes the sanding and refinishing process cleaner and safer. Contact us today to learn more.

Ask us about clean, dust containment technology.

Keep your home virtually dust-free

When sanding, we use state-of-the-art Dustless technology! A dustless system is similar to a central vacuum system that collects air-born dust, wood particles, dirt and allergens and extracts them, leaving you and your family with clean indoor air after a job.


Our dustless systems are GREENGUARD certified and is a clean and safe solution for keeping allergies, dust and debris to a minimum.


Serving Manchester, CT

& Glastonbury, CT

Reduce airborn dust and allergens

Our dustless refinishing for your hardwood floors is a safe solution to the airborne dust, dirt,   wood particles, and pet dander that can cover your possessions and stir up allergens. When using Dustless technology to sand and refinish your hardwood, there’s no need to cover your belongings with plastic or clean up after we’ve sanded your floor.